China King Chinese Restaurant


Lunch Special

Served w. White Rice or Pork Fried Rice & Crab Rangoon (Expect L1, L2, L3)
Substitution is possible of:
Chicken Finger (3), Chicken Wing (1), Boneless Rib (1), Chicken Teriyaki (1), Egg Roll (1), Beef Teriyaki (1) [$0.25 Extra]
$1.50 Extra For Substitution of Shrimp or Beef Fried Rice
Mon. - Sat. 11:30 am - 3:30 pm, Not Valid on New Year's Eve

L1. Crab Rangoon, Chicken Finger, Chicken Wings $7.99
L2. Crab Rangoon, Chicken Finger, Boneless Ribs $7.99
L3. Crab Rangoon, Boneless Ribs, Beef Teriyaki $7.99
SpicyL4. General Tso's Chicken $7.49
SpicyL5. Szechuan Chicken $7.49
SpicyL6. Szechuan Beef $7.49
SpicyL7. Kung Pao Chicken $7.49
SpicyL8. Yu Hsiang Chicken $7.49
SpicyL9. Yu Hsang Shrimp $7.49
SpicyL10. Hunan Chicken $7.49
SpicyL11. Hot & Spicy Beef $7.49
SpicyL12. Ma Po Tofu $7.49
SpicyL13. Ma Po Tofu (Meat Less) $7.49
L14. Chicken Broccoli $7.49
L15. Beef w. Broccoli $7.49
L16. Chicken Chow Mein $7.49
L17. Pork Egg Foo Young $7.49
L18. Pepper Steak $7.49
L19. Chicken Lo Mein $7.49
L20. Lobster Sauce $7.49
L21. Sweet & Sour Chicken $7.49
L22. Mixed Vegetables $7.49
SpicyL23. Mala Crispy Chicken $7.99
SpicyL24. Honey Crispy Chicken $7.99


1. Vegetarian Spring Roll (2) $4.49
2. Egg Roll (2) $4.49
3. Pork Dumpling (Fried or Steam) (8) $7.79
4. Vegetarian Dumpling (Fried or Steam) (8) $7.79
5. Chicken Dumpling (Fried or Steam) (8) $7.99
6. Scallion Pancake $5.49
7. Crab Rangoon (7)$5.79 (14)$7.79
8. Pork Fried Wonton (12) $5.29
9. Chicken Wing (4)$5.99 (7)$8.99
Spicy10. Spicy Chicken Wing $8.99
11. Chicken Finger (S)$5.79 (L)$7.99
12. Fried Jumbo Shrimp $9.99
13. Beef Teriyaki (4)$6.49 (7)$8.99
14. Chicken Teriyaki (4)$6.29 (7)$8.79
15. Boneless Ribs $7.99
Spicy16. Szechuan Wonton $5.99
17. Pu Pu Platter (For 2)
Crab rangoon (4), chicken finger (6), chicken wing (4), beef teriyaki (2), boneless rib (1), egg roll (2) & fried shrimp (2)

Appetizers Combination

A1. Crab Rangoon, Chicken Finger, Chicken Wing, Beef Teriyaki $9.89
A2. Crab Rangoon, Chicken Finger, Chicken Wing, Boneless Ribs $9.89
A3. Crab Rangoon, Chicken Finger, Beef Teriyaki, Boneless Ribs $9.89
A4. Egg Roll, Fried Shrimp, Chicken Teriyaki, Boneless Ribs $9.99


Spicy18. Hot & Sour Soup (S)$3.49 (L)$4.69
19. Wonton Soup (S)$3.49 (L)$4.69
20. Egg Drop Soup (S)$3.49 (L)$4.69
21. Bean Curd w. Vegetable Soup (S)$3.49 (L)$4.69
22. Seafood Soup $7.99
23. Miso Soup (S)$3.49 (L)$4.79

Fried Rice

23. Vegetable Fried Rice (S)$5.79 (L)$6.99
24. Roast Pork or Chicken Fried Rice (S)$5.79 (L)$6.99
26. Beef Fried Rice (S)$6.79 (L)$7.99
27. Shrimp Fried Rice (S)$6.79 (L)$7.99
28. House Special Fried Rice (S)$7.49 (L)$8.79
29. Young Chow Fried Rice (S)$7.99 (L)$8.99
Spicy30. Singapore Fried Rice
(Chicken & Shrimp with Curry)
(S)$7.99 (L)$8.99

Old Fashioned Specials

$1 extra with White Rice

31. Chop Suey
Vegetable, Chicken or Pork (Shrimp or Beef $1 Extra)
31a. Chow Mein
Vegetable, Chicken or Pork (Shrimp or Beef $1 Extra)
32. Moo Shi
Vegetable, Chicken or Pork (Shrimp or Beef $1 Extra)
33. Egg Foo Young
Vegetable, Chicken or Pork (Shrimp or Beef $1 Extra)

Lo Mein (Noodle)

34. Vegetable Lo Mein (S)$5.99 (L)$7.99
35. Roast Pork or Chicken Lo Mein (S)$6.79 (L)$8.29
36. Beef Lo Mein (S)$7.49 (L)$8.49
37. Shrimp Lo Mein (S)$7.49 (L)$8.49
38. House Special Lo Mein (S)$7.99 (L)$8.99
Spicy39. Noodle and Meat in Peking Sauce $7.99

Special Noodle

40. Pad Thai
Vegetable, Chicken or Pork (Shrimp or Beef $1 Extra)
41. Udon
Vegetable, Chicken or Pork (Shrimp or Beef $1 Extra)
42. Chow Fun
Vegetable, Chicken or Pork (Shrimp or Beef $1 Extra)
42a. Mei Fun
Vegetable, Chicken or Pork (Shrimp or Beef $1 Extra)
Spicy43. Singapore Mei Fun $9.99


$1.00 Extra w. White Rice

Spicy44. Ma Po Tofu $8.79
Spicy45. Ma Po Tofu (Meat Less) $8.79
46. Bean Curd w. Vegetable $8.79
Spicy47. Szechuan Bean Curd & Vegetable $8.79
Spicy48. Broccoli & Tofu w. Garlic Sauce $8.79
49. Shanghai Ba Choy $8.79
50. Sauteed Dry String Bean $8.99
Spicy51. General Tso's Chicken $8.79
Spicy52. Szechuan Spicy String Bean $8.99


$1.00 Extra w. White Rice

53. Roast Pork w. Broccoli $9.79
54. Roast Pork w. Mixed Vegetables $9.79
Spicy55. Double Cooked Pork $9.99
56. Pork w. Black Bean Sauce $9.99


$1.00 Extra w. White Rice

57. Sweet & Sour Chicken (S)$7.79 (L)$9.79
58. Chicken w. Broccoli (S)$7.79 (L)$9.79
59. Chicken w. Vegetable (S)$7.79 (L)$9.79
60. Chicken w. Cashew Nuts (S)$7.79 (L)$9.79
Spicy61. Curry Chicken (S)$7.79 (L)$9.79
62. Chicken w. String Bean $9.99
Spicy63. Szechuan Chicken $9.99
Spicy64. Chicken w. Garlic Sauce $9.99
Spicy65. Kung Pao Chicken $9.99


$1.00 Extra w. White Rice

66. Beef w. Broccoli (S)$7.99 (L)$10.49
67. Beef w. Vegetables (S)$7.99 (L)$10.49
68. Pepper Steak (S)$7.99 (L)$10.49
69. Sha Cha Beef $10.79
Spicy70. Szechuan Beef $10.79


$1.00 Extra w. White Rice

71. Shrimp w. Broccoli (S)$8.79 (L)$11.99
72. Shrimp w. Vegetables (S)$8.79 (L)$11.99
73. Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts (S)$8.79 (L)$11.99
74. Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce (S)$8.79 (L)$11.99
75. Lobster Sauce (S)$5.99 (L)$7.99
Spicy Kung Pao Shrimp $11.99
Spicy Szechuan Shrimp $11.99
Spicy Shrimp w. Garlic Sauce $11.99

Healthy and Diet Food

All dish are steamed and sauce on the side
$1.50 Extra w. Brown Rice

H1. Steamed Vegetables Delight $8.79
H2. Steamed Chicken w. Veg. $9.79
H3. Steamed Shrimp w. Veg. $11.79
H4. Steamed Chicken w. String Bean $9.99

Vegetarian Section

Our vegetarian meat substitution is not real meat, but it looks like "meat", tastes like "meat", can be made as crispy as "meat", it's magic vegetables with 100% soy protein and no cholesterol. Good for health
$1.50 Extra w. Brown Rice

SpicyV1. Veggie General Tso's Chicken $10.99
SpicyV2. Veggie Kung Pao Chicken $10.99
SpicyV3. Veggie Chicken Szechuan Style $10.99
SpicyV4. Veggie Chicken in Garlic Sauce $10.99
V5. Veggie Chicken with Broccoli $10.99
V6. Veggie Chicken with Cashew Nuts $10.99

Chef s Special

$1.00 Extra w. White Rice

SpicyS1. Szechuan Fish w. Bean Sauce
Crispy fish & vegetable in hot bean sauce.
S2. Dragon & Phoenix
Combination of General Gau's chicken & hot spicy shrimp, divided by broccoli.
SpicyS3. General Gau's Chicken $10.99
S4. Orange Beef $11.99
S5. Sesame Chicken $10.99
S6. Pineapple Shrimp
Crispy shrimp (10) & green pepper, onion, carrot w. sweet pineapple sauce.
S7. Pineapple Chicken $10.79
S8. Crispy Dry Pepper Shrimp $13.99
S9. Mongolian Beef $11.99
S10. House Special Duck $15.99
S11. House Special Pan Fried Noodle $11.99
S12. Vegetable Pan Fried Noodle $9.99
SpicyS13. Mala Crispy Chicken $11.49
SpicyS14. Honey Crispy Chicken $11.49
SpicyS15. Chengdu Spicy Chicken $11.49
SpicyS16. Orange Chicken $11.49
SpicyS17. Ma Po Chicken or Beef $10.99

Oriental Noodle Soup

We Have 5 Kinds of Noodle
Other Than Egg Noodle, Please Specify

A. Egg NoodleD. Chow Fun (Flat Rice Noodle)
B. Vietnamese NoodleE. Udon (Japanese Noodle)
C. Mei Fun (Thin Rice Noodle)
$1.00 For Wonton (3)

NS1. Roast Duck Noodle Soup $7.29
NS2. Beef Noodle Soup $7.29
NS3. Chicken Noodle Soup $7.29
NS4. Roast Pork Noodle Soup $7.29
NS5. Jumbo Shrimp Noodle Soup $7.29

Hong Kong Style Dish

Served with White Rice

HK1. Roast Duck Over Rice $7.25
HK2. Shredded Pork w. Peking Sauce $7.25
HK3. Shredded Pork w. Ginger and Scallion $7.25
HK4. Pork Chop Peking Style $7.25
SpicyHK5. Chengdu Spicy Chicken $7.25
HK6. Crispy Dry Pork Chop $7.25
HK7. Crispy Dry Pepper Shrimp $7.25
HK8. Shrimp w. Ginger & Scallion $7.25
SpicyHK9. Szechuan Fish w. Bean Sauce $7.25
HK10. Shanghai Ba Choy $7.25

Oriental Dim Sum

DS1. Crystal Shrimp Dumpling (6) $5.49
DS2. Red Bean Buns (2) $3.49
DS3. Fresh Shrimp & Pork Shu Mai (6) $5.79
DS4. Lotus Buns (4) $4.79
DS5. Custard Buns (6) $4.79
DS6. Steamed Pork Bun (6) $4.79
DS7. Baked Roast Pork Buns (2) $3.79
DS8. Plain Buns (2) $2.79
DS9. Chinese Donut $5.29
DS10. Malay Cake (2) $4.79
DS11. Chinese Big Bun (1) $2.79

All Day Combo

Served w. White Rice or Pork Fried rice & Crab Rangoon (Expect C1, C2, C3)
Substitution is possible of: Chicken Finger (4), Chicken Wing (2), Boneless Ribs (2), Chicken Teriyaki (2), Egg Roll (1), Beef Teriyaki (2) [$0.25 Extra]
$1.50 Extra For Substitution of Shrimp or Beef Fried Rice
Served All Day Except New Year's Eve

C1. Crab Rangoon, Chicken Finger, Chicken Wings $9.49
C2. Crab Rangoon, Chicken Finger, Boneless Ribs $9.49
C3. Crab Rangoon, Boneless Ribs, Beef Teriyaki $9.49
SpicyC4. General Tso's Chicken $9.49
SpicyC5. Szechuan Chicken $8.99
SpicyC6. Szechuan Beef $9.49
SpicyC7. Kung Pao Chicken $8.99
SpicyC8. Yu Hsiang Chicken $8.99
SpicyC9. Yu Hsang Shrimp $9.49
SpicyC10. Hunan Chicken $8.99
SpicyC11. Hot & Spicy Beef $9.49
SpicyC12. Ma Po Tofu $8.99
SpicyC13. Ma Po Tofu (Meat Less) $8.99
C14. Chicken Broccoli $8.99
C15. Beef w. Broccoli $8.99
C16. Chicken Chow Mein $8.99
C17. Pork Egg Foo Young $8.99
C18. Pepper Steak $9.49
C19. Chicken Lo Mein $8.99
C20. Lobster Sauce $8.99
C21. Sweet & Sour Chicken $8.99
C22. Mixed Vegetables $8.99
SpicyC23. Mala Crispy Chicken $9.49
SpicyC24. Honey Crispy Chicken $9.49

Korean Cuisine

$1.00 Extra w. White Rice

Ap1. Edamame
Steamed whole green soybean pods
SpicyAp2. Spicy Seafood Soup
Spicy soup with fish cake, fresh seafood
(S)$4.99 (L)$8.99
Ap3. Fried Fish Cake
Korean style fried fish cake with homemade sauce on the side
SpicyAp4. Sour Kimchi $4.99
K1. Grilled Honey Peanut Chicken
Marinated chicken breast with honey peanut sauce on bed of egg noodles
K2. Honey Peanut Noodle
Egg noodle and bean sprout served with peanut sauce
K3. Grilled Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken breast grilled to perfection and glazed with homemade teriyaki sauce
K4. Grilled Honey Peanut Tofu
Grilled tofu topped with honey peanut sauce
SpicyK5. Spicy Pork Bulgori
Thinly sliced pork marinated in spicy sauce
SpicyK6. Bulgogl
Thinly sliced beef marinated in special sauce
SpicyK7. Soon Dobu
Spicy soft tofu soup with egg, seafood or pork
SpicyK8. Kimchi Jigae
Kimchi soup with tofu & pork
SpicyK9. Kimchi Jeyook
Stir fried kimchi with pork and steamed tofu
K10. Jaap Chae (Beef or Chicken)
Pan-fried clear Korean noodles with vegetables
SpicyK11. Spicy Seafood Udon
Variety of seafood in a spicy broth with Japanese udon
K12. Chicken Katsu
Deep fried in lighty bread crumb batter topped with sauce
K13. Fish Cake with Vegetables
Korean style fish cake stir fried with fresh vegetables in chef's homemade sauce

Beverage and Side Order

Can Soda
Choice of Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ice tea, Ginger Ale, Sprite
2 Liter Soda
Choice of Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite
Water $1.25
White Rice (S)$1.50 (L)$2.50
Fortune Cookies (5) $0.75
Fried Noodle $0.75
Pineapple Chunk (16 oz Dessert) $4.00
Brown Rice (S)$2.25 (L)$3.75